They once came with all they’ve got…
Shooting at you , hoping you’d bleed to death
They came with their sharp sizzers, cutting you up, hoping the scars would remain fresh
They came like wrecking balls, hoping to crash you.

They all came with their sharp knifes stabbing at your back, hoping you’d fall down
They came throwing rocks at you, hoping you’d hide
They came with their fire, hoping you’d burn to ashes
They came with their ropes, tying you up ,hoping you’d never be free
They came to feed you with their poison hoping you’d become toxic.

They’ve ridiculed you, mocked you and laughed at your struggle .Your failure brightens their day.

Your cry is their laughter
Your sadness is their happiness
Your struggle is their fortune
Your pain is their peace and your peace is their pain.

They exist not only for them but to pull you down and prevent you from growing,
From a distance, they enjoy the view of your own life so that when they attack, they do it right.

My dearest darling……don’t be intimidated,never be shy and afraid to bloom
Don’t be cocooned ,never seat back and pity yourself
They might shake you a little ,but they will never break you , they might crack you a little but believe me they will never break you……because you.. my dearest darling are titanium..♡♡




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You and I made a solemn promise, we jointly took an oath from the Holy book to keep us from being apart. It was just you and I darling, It was just the two of us when we genuinely became one.

Ages have passed so rapidly, and you and I are no more, Our companionship grows weaker and weaker each day,

I stood beside the ocean trying to think of a way back home, the ocean we used to visit every Sunday morning . I went to seek direction and peace from within. I stood still, besides this ocean, watching its waves as they took away the sorrows of our broken vows. Each wave wept away all the melancholics I’ve embraced inside and out.

It is just me and this ocean darling
I’ve searched for you in its horizons
But you are still no more
“Things” of this universe have mislead you
These “things” have let you in a false direction. You are deceived , and diluted into a new being.

we have drifted far apart from each other
And yet I feel a bit closer to myself
I feel a bit closer to this ocean
It’s poorly spoken words kept me wishing you could find direction
And maybe we will both find our way back home…..


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Get Up From The Ground!
Dust Yourself!
And Have Courage To Try Again…

It’s Never Late, It’s Never The End
It’s Never Over, It’s Never Done Until You Are Completely Satisfied With Your Efforts.True Success Comes From Those Who Try Again And Again Without Being Afraid To Fail,

Uncover Yourself, Rise Up, Stand Out, Be You…
Be Unique And Original
And Be Smart About It

Learn From Others, Teach Others, Encourage Others, Motivate Others And Then Motivate You…
Just Rise Up And Up,

Down May You Never Look
Down May You Never Fall But Even If You Fall, Remember To Rise Up, Dust Yourself And Find Yourself Again

With A Thousand Smiles, Rise Up And Continue Believing In Yourself Because You Are More Than What You Think You Are….
The Sky Is Not The Limit,,,, Yes Continue Rising Up♡


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I’ve seen the beauty that comes with life
The good days that nourished my scars with love
The best moments I could rewind
The days of luck and surprises
The moments of heavenly days, blessings and wonders
I have Once Lived a cheerful life
Full of grace and praises
Were peace was just a few steps away
And were sorrows had thereof rejected me
I had Once Lived to tell beautiful stories of yesterday
and sing beautiful songs of today

All those days are gone, and today I live a lamentable life
Now …lay me down to rest for I have Played my part
Put me near the bells of joy to remind me of my happy days because
All the joys of yesterday do not recall my name
All the laughter of yesterday do not recall my voice
All my blessings had turned into pieces of shame and curses

I once lived each and every day like a bloomy flower,
Growing beautifully and becoming stronger
But today my days are gloomy
My days are clouded in darkness, covering me up with sadness and shame
I have shrunken into my own pit of sadness

I now live to tell stories of my dark days than my brighter days
But i still believe all days makes us human
All days makes us unique
I Now Live to accept the pains of yesterday and embrace the hapiness of today
I continue to stay inseparable to my true self
I continue to rise my head above high and smile on…..
I now live not to have onced lived but I live to become better ♡♡


A place where I can find my true self
A place of truth and self awareness
A place of love and acceptance
A place of harmony and peace
A place of laughter and joy

I want to be there in a
place of no fear and judgments
A place where we are all equally admired
A place of hope and faith
A place where you and I exist without any regrets and worries
A place where we’d be free from all the toxic air we used to breath in and out
A place where there’s a clean, and fresh start

A place where true companionship exits
Where there’s just opennesss and forgiveness
A place where we’ll all dwell in and find our inner peace

I want to be there
Don’t you ?


She is a remarkable soul
A strong and independent women, she never let anyone know of her distresful moments,because she is a fighter ,a believer, she is more than just a queen
Despite all her imperfections,she is still smart and beautiful
Her life never turned out to be a bed of roses But she rose up and became something better today… .

Despite all the
the abuse
the heartaches
the tormants
I mean despite all the loss
And all the shame
She is still her own queen

Life didnt happen to her as planned or anticipated
Her dreams have gone into different route she achieved very little out of everything she imagined and hoped for ,but she is still a queen
Rising against all odds
Believing in her own self
Giving herself a pet on the shoulder when no one appreciated her

You are a queen.You are unique and delightful.You are beautiful and bold.You bring life to earth and give love that no one can ever posses
You are a mother who is still a wife, a friend, a sister and yet remains a beautifully souled queen
You do all that at once
You care for others so much that you sometimes forget about the queen that you truly are

Well Let me kindly remind you lady, in case you’ve forgotten your worth
You are amazing,
You are rare
You are priceless
You are Special
You are noble
You are gracious
and gorgeous ….so own that crown no matter how invisible it might be above your head
Own it, because your queedom lies within you..


I have prematurely known betrayal; I was victimized, in a cruel manner by those I trusted
This beauty you see isn’t really me, if you try to look directly into my eyes
You might see the true me
I feel like I have been defeated before I even started my fight
I feel as though I am living my life through a musk that has covered all my fresh scars and tears
I feel like I am living life through a glass that always reflects back at my past
I was only nine when you took control of my little life
Yet I still remember every horrific moment like yesterday
You had your chances in heavy rains and then
You forced yourself into my arms, cold as they were, hiding from the sound of the pouring rain
Preventing my crying voice to be heard
When I look into the mirror I see shadows of your bitter soul
I can still hear the loudness of your acrimonious words
And then, In the back of my mind, I hear my own childlike voices, not giggles nor laughter
I hear my own voices, screaming and crying for help
I now have sleepless nights; all I dream of is monsters dragging me to the cold floor
A thousand monsters pushing me against the wall
With voices full of hunger and thirst, yearning to punish me
I now spend my days trying to relive my past because
I never really existed back them, you were always the one in charge
I was your helpless slave, day in and day out .My scars are here to remind that you had once taken over my life
I sat quietly in the dark trying to rethink of my life again, it became therapeutic to me
this dark room sadly spoke to….. its poorly spoken words told me to forgive you
My cry was more of a plead to ask God to forgive you than it was for the pain I felt
My cry still…… is to ask God to forgive you than it is for the pain I feel
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