Have I not seen enough already?

Before you, before us, before this genesis of us

Serial killers of my soul, swearing on the bible to keep me on cloud nine

But behind his dark walls, I wept, I crumbled, I stumbled

Bruised inside and out, compassion and love, long buried

But then came love, then came you

Through this genesis of us, like a blooming flower, I got prettier

All at once I became princess and queen

A heart so pure like yours I have never seen

With all my flaws and my dark past, you took me

Never have you promised me the world, only  just love

Love so unconditional and everlasting

What if you are the one?

One to set this bird free

One to unchain me from this trap

One to open my eyes to love

One to erase my dark past from my memory

One to fill this empty heart with love

What if you are heaven sent?

Well if you are…sweet king! then this is the genesis of love

The genesis of us

Not much have I learned from my past

Not much love nor happiness nor peace nor just as simple as a genuine laugh

Not much was meant when said

Not much was said when felt

Fear was served to the table

Lust,lies, not love nor laughter

May this genesis of us bring love at home, peace at mind and laughter at home.


Jingle Bells

Christmas Day, ‘the Mass of Christ’. A glorious time ,when we remember that Jesus our saviour was born..

We hear the bells of Christmas and know it’s time,,
Time to celebrate Christ
Time to Enjoy the company of our true loved ones
Our sweethearted families and friends come together, expressing their joy and love
Our homes are surrounded with bright decorations, christmas tress and our gardens shine with spirit lights.

We Enjoy a well cooked meal, drinks and sweet deserts
We wear our Christmas costumes
We make a wish or two
We exchange gifts
We go to our respective churches,singing beautiful carols as we celebrate Christ.

We go to parties and celebrations,
We go on vacations
We relax a little
We smile alot and laugh too
We give hugs and kisses
We dance, we praise, we thank, we love, we live, we give, we receive, we remember, we forgive,and we accept…

Have a merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy your holidays too
stay safe!!!

Dear Son or Daughter

October 2000,a breath of life was unfolded in my womb
I felt elated by the idea of your existence
I carried your fragile heart in my womb
And for months I’ve waited for your arrival
For days and weeks,I’ve counted and waited,nourishing you with all the love I had.

We shared quite a few things together,my heartbeat was yours,
A breath of air, we shared….
You were my own flesh….my blood

I had so many plans for you
I painted your room with love
Hoping you’de soon fill our empty house with love.

Few months went by and then,the doctors told us you were no more
A heart so pure has stopped beating
An innocent soul was broken
Without a name,you were long gone
No service was held…
No final words to say goodbye…

I would have loved to hold your tiny body in my arms,
Tickle your tiny toes as I make you giggle
I would have loved to hear your smooth laugh
Stroke your smooth skin as you peacefully rest in my arms
I would have loved to see you grow, to see your first footsteps and hear your first words
I would have just loved to meet you,and share my life with you.

Later in the evening .. I, your mother felt most melancholy
I laid forlorn on my bed, singing lullabies to myself
I mourned for you in my deep sleep
I cannot erase the memories we shared, memories so short yet very special
My anguished cry gets deeper by day when I think of how much I’ve lost.

Halfway you came…and halfway it ended
Too close to be a mother,
Too close to finally meet you.

This world wasn’t meant for you, and so ,the Heavens called you back home
The Heavens chose my unborn child
How special you are, to have been the chosen one
Today I rest assured knowing that you are in safer place
No pain shall follow you,
Your golden heart will remain purer and your soul will remain at peace.

I remain your mother still… because what makes a mother lies not only in the child you bear
What makes a mother lies within the heart……


The Fragrance Of Love

We laid together under the shining stars

Surrounded by red petals, we laid under the moonlight

On that peaceful, quiet night

You held me gently in your arms

You moved my hair slowly with your gentle hands

In a minute or so,I felt your soft lips on my neck

Your sweet scent moved mountains

Your touch was deeper than usual

I could hear the soft music played in the background speak to me

Chest to chest,we became closer

My heartbeat danced from your touch

One look in your eyes and I melted, I became weak and helpless

I was mesmerized….

I was under your spell, and I liked it

You silently spoke a language of love

And so,I felt secured right beneath you

Could you blame me?I was enchanted by your love

I gazed at you with a warm smile , and then…

You slowly moved your fingers around my lips with ease

Your brown eyes smiled at me, as you gently visited my beauty conners

We were then electrified….

As my breath got heavy and rapid

I blushed, I mourned,I twitched…. I praised you

I felt more of a women , I felt Love

Paradise we almost reached

But you took your time with me,

Making every moment magical,

You unwrapped all the sweet smoothies in me, and I liked every moment of it

We were both on cloud nine, for quite some time, and then…..

I held you tight in your strong arms and we both reached crest


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We walked a long way into this path of love
For better or worse you were my soulmate
When our hearts Intertwined…..We shared beautiful memories.

We had our dark days yeh, but we painted them with love at the end of the day
I recall how we used to connect effortlessly soul to soul
When our hearts Intertwined beautifully and became one.

We Filled up the blank pages of our sorrows with love
You loved me all the way, and I loved You back
I still feel your whisperes of sweet sounds of nothing in my ears
Filling my heart with affection.

I recall how your tender soul collided with mine, tied with affection as we genuinely became one
You were easy to Love, worth keeping….
You were indeed the closest thing to perfection I’ve known.

You knew all the conners of my beating heart
Our affection, my darling…was as much as abyss….Immeasurable and unconditional
The aura of our love gave me life.

Every moment with you was heavenly
Agony awakens me when I am not by your side
The bitter sweet memories of our love remains beautiful in my thoughts
I remain beautifully broken, because knowing you was heaven on earth.

Our intertwined hearts remain inseparable, even when the heavens called you home
For as long as I shall live, I will forever remember the warmth of your love.

If by chance we happen to meet again,please remember me. Farewell My True Love😔😕😓


♡The Heavens Are With Us♡

“When It Rains ,It Pours”
The Beauty Of This World Comes With A Beautiful Rain

How Wonderful It Is, To Hear The Sound Of The Pouring Rain,Washing Away All The Pains Of Yesterday .Giving Back Life To Us By Creating A Fresh Start…

Making Each Day A Blessing
Making Each Day A Brand New Start
Making Each Day A Second Chance
Making Each And Every Day A New Beginning

Let’s Forget About Yesterday
Let Us Forget About The Past
Forget About Your flaws
And Move Forward
Make Today Count, Make Every Day Count And Remember ,”You Have Everything In The Palm Of Your Hands”

It’s Either You Go or Grow
But Since The Rain Is Here,We All Grow Anyway….



Picture by:Gabriela Tulian / Getty Images