Jingle Bells

Christmas Day, ‘the Mass of Christ’. A glorious time ,when we remember that Jesus our saviour was born..

We hear the bells of Christmas and know it’s time,,
Time to celebrate Christ
Time to Enjoy the company of our true loved ones
Our sweethearted families and friends come together, expressing their joy and love
Our homes are surrounded with bright decorations, christmas tress and our gardens shine with spirit lights.

We Enjoy a well cooked meal, drinks and sweet deserts
We wear our Christmas costumes
We make a wish or two
We exchange gifts
We go to our respective churches,singing beautiful carols as we celebrate Christ.

We go to parties and celebrations,
We go on vacations
We relax a little
We smile alot and laugh too
We give hugs and kisses
We dance, we praise, we thank, we love, we live, we give, we receive, we remember, we forgive,and we accept…

Have a merry Christmas everyone, and enjoy your holidays too
stay safe!!!


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