We walked a long way into this path of love
For better or worse you were my soulmate
When our hearts Intertwined…..We shared beautiful memories.

We had our dark days yeh, but we painted them with love at the end of the day
I recall how we used to connect effortlessly soul to soul
When our hearts Intertwined beautifully and became one.

We Filled up the blank pages of our sorrows with love
You loved me all the way, and I loved You back
I still feel your whisperes of sweet sounds of nothing in my ears
Filling my heart with affection.

I recall how your tender soul collided with mine, tied with affection as we genuinely became one
You were easy to Love, worth keeping….
You were indeed the closest thing to perfection I’ve known.

You knew all the conners of my beating heart
Our affection, my darling…was as much as abyss….Immeasurable and unconditional
The aura of our love gave me life.

Every moment with you was heavenly
Agony awakens me when I am not by your side
The bitter sweet memories of our love remains beautiful in my thoughts
I remain beautifully broken, because knowing you was heaven on earth.

Our intertwined hearts remain inseparable, even when the heavens called you home
For as long as I shall live, I will forever remember the warmth of your love.

If by chance we happen to meet again,please remember me. Farewell My True Love😔😕😓


16 thoughts on “IN LOVING MEMORY….

  1. So sad but what a lovely tribute. Nicely done, Thelma. I wanted to also thank you for stopping by at I Write Her and for following my work. I do hope you continue to enjoy it! I’ve returned the favor as I do enjoy yours! Take care and have a nice day. 🙂

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