She is a remarkable soul
A strong and independent women, she never let anyone know of her distresful moments,because she is a fighter ,a believer, she is more than just a queen
Despite all her imperfections,she is still smart and beautiful
Her life never turned out to be a bed of roses But she rose up and became something better today… .

Despite all the
the abuse
the heartaches
the tormants
I mean despite all the loss
And all the shame
She is still her own queen

Life didnt happen to her as planned or anticipated
Her dreams have gone into different route she achieved very little out of everything she imagined and hoped for ,but she is still a queen
Rising against all odds
Believing in her own self
Giving herself a pet on the shoulder when no one appreciated her

You are a queen.You are unique and delightful.You are beautiful and bold.You bring life to earth and give love that no one can ever posses
You are a mother who is still a wife, a friend, a sister and yet remains a beautifully souled queen
You do all that at once
You care for others so much that you sometimes forget about the queen that you truly are

Well Let me kindly remind you lady, in case you’ve forgotten your worth
You are amazing,
You are rare
You are priceless
You are Special
You are noble
You are gracious
and gorgeous ….so own that crown no matter how invisible it might be above your head
Own it, because your queedom lies within you..


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